Grace Church of Sacramento exists to glorify God. 

Our local body of believers is united spiritually with the LORD Jesus Christ Who is seated at the right hand of God the Father in heaven. Our church exists on earth to accomplish their will.

The Bible is our authority. The Holy Spirit lives inside of each individual member and teaches, guides, protects and empowers each individual by using the Bible to transform individual thoughts, affections, motivations and actions.

Christ has appointed and equipped men to function as elders to oversee all of the church’s activities. Christ has also appointed and equipped men to function as deacons and women to function as deaconesses to guide specific ministries under the oversight of the elders. 

Our church exalts God and Christ in worship through the power of the Holy Spirit and according to the Bible. Our primary means of worship is individual obedience to the Bible in every area of life.  Our church baptizes believers when they first believe and gathers regularly at the LORD’s Supper to rejoice in our spiritual, unseen unity with Jesus Christ. 

Our church strengthens each individual member through instruction, personal encouragement, exhortation and physical assistance.

Our church teaches and exhorts those outside of the church to submit willingly to the authority of God and Christ. Our church lovingly disciplines church members who reject this authority.