Doctrine & Governance

In the Christian life there is the doctrinal, what we think, and the practical, what we do. God communicates very specifically in the Bible regarding doctrine: what His people should think about Him, His world, His will, His plans, His creatures, His judgments, His coming glory, etc.  The Statement of Faith is Grace Church of Sacramento’s concise summary of what God says His people should think about: His truth (the Bible), Him (God), His salvation, humankind, the Church, Marriage, Government and civic duty, angels, the future and the personal character of a Christian.

Practically, God specifies behavior.  More often, God specifies what motivations His people should have and leaves the specific actions to the individual.  The Governing Articles is a Church Constitution – it specifies how Grace Church of Sacramento governs itself.  It embraces what God says about church government in the Bible, and also what the Government of the United States and the State of California require, without contradiction.

Grace Church of Sacramento prays for peace: that the government never requires a Christian to disobey God or conscience (1 Timothy 2:2).