College Ministry

College students must not waste time. They are not free to misuse the independence of more personal time, more personal space, more personal transportation, more personal income and more personal decisions now that they are under less direct parental supervision. They are not ‘on top of the world’ and free to use their resources for personal pride and lust. They are on the bottom of a ladder of ascending responsibility that requires that they work to prepare themselves for marriage and vocation.

College students should have made major advances in their understanding of biblical authority and their dedication to personal responsibility and personal development which are the emphases of Sunday school. They should also have made major advances in accepting the counsel of parents and pastors and exercising discernment in their choice of peers which are the emphases of Jr. and Sr. High ministry. Now, they must refine their character in preparation for marriage, complete their vocational training and learn to apply biblical principles consistently in their future family and in society.

Yan Kislitsa, a Master’s Seminary graduate, and his wife Olga, one of our most gifted and dedicated couples, teach and shepherd these students.

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Yan Kislitsa 
Phone: 916-799-1722