Jr. / Sr. High Ministry

Jr. and Sr. High School students begin to learn separately from their parents. They no longer attend Sunday school. They attend Friday night Bible study with their peers separate from their parents.

These students continue in the emphases of biblical authority, responsibility and dedication to personal development that Sunday School emphasizes. However, as they take a significant step toward independence, they begin to learn the relative roles of parents, pastors and peers.

Jr. and Sr. High ministry teaches these students that they are still under the authority of their parents. God requires them to submit lovingly to their parents for His glory and their blessing.

Jr. and Sr. High ministry teaches these students that they are under the authority of the church as expressed in the Bible. After their parents, they have the privilege and responsibility of lovingly submitting to the church leadership and serving in the congregation. High school juniors and seniors can receive baptism, communion, church membership and church discipline subject to parental approval.

Jr. and Sr. High ministry teaches these students to reject peer pressure and exercise discernment in making friends. These students are taught to embrace friends who act in accordance with the Bible, parents and pastors and reject so-called friends who do not.

Jr. High Ministry Contact:

Kirill Belyakov
Phone: 916-612-7373 

High School Ministry Contact:

Tim Vusik
Phone: 916-207-9042