Women's Ministry

Women learn from their peers and older women. In women’s ministry, women teach, model and encourage other women to be women.

Once every month, all the women of the church, college age and older, meet and exhort each other to be sound in doctrine, sanctified in thought, biblical in motivation, wise in decision, edifying in speech, exemplary in conduct, humble in service, cooperative in teamwork, strong in principle and supportive in relationship. They learn to love their husbands, love their children and to be competent and productive home managers. They learn the biblical priorities of loving God, loving their husbands, training their children and being expert, stay-at-home cost managers and savers of their husband’s income. They learn the dangers of competing with men in the marketplace and developing a 2-income lifestyle. They learn to generate income through saving, cost-management, skill and resource development and income reinvestment.

The women of Grace Church of Sacramento preach from the Bible and study edifying literature in the fellowship of other women. Women teach, exhort, encourage and correct others at numerous Baby and Bridal showers, Birthdays and other special events.

Women teach each other God’s plan and function for all women.

Book for Women’s Ministry

This year we will be reading through “Attitudes of a Transformed Heart” by Martha Peace.

Attitudes of a Transformed Heart