Children's Sunday School

In Sunday School children first learn the concept of authority:

The authority of God, made explicit in the Bible, represented by parents, expressed in the Church and reflected in the government. Children must respect (not blindly follow) authority or disobey God and fail in life.

Children then learn the privilege of responsibility:

The privilege and responsibility to love, worship and serve God; to honor and obey parents; to submit and cooperate in the Church; to be law abiding citizens and to benefit their fellow men. Those who default on these responsibilities forfeit wonderful privileges.

Children also learn to apply themselves to personal development:

The spiritual disciplines of Bible study and prayer in increasing in the knowledge of God; the intellectual disciplines of reading, writing, thinking logically and critically and communicating effectively and clearly; the emotional and character disciplines of finding joy in God , humility, self-control, diligence, service and teamwork and the physical disciplines of bodily development and bodily care.

Children learn in Sunday School every Sunday morning and in family Bible study every other Friday night.

Grace Church of Sacramento Sunday School teachers are gifted, dedicated couples who receive specialized training. No novices or temporary workers teach our children.